Why Do We Have Off School Tomorrow?

As someone who celebrates  this holiday it is called 

Rosh Hashanah ……


If you have never heard of this holiday that is totally fine. Jews are not a large group of people and some people do not like to tell others. 

This is one of my favorite holidays it is usually the first time I go to temple in a long time and see a lot of family and friends. But while there you sad generalization that your community of people is ever shrinking. While walking into services you get a blue plantlet. In this plantlet it shows who is leading the service, whose weddings are coming up and who bat,bar or B’nai (used for two boys or a boy and a girl) or B’not Mitzvahs (used for two girls) are coming up. But then when you open it up and really look you see all the people who have died this week or who are remembering there loved ones. This always hits me hard for me because I am extremely lucky to have such an amazing family who is very healthy.

What is 

Rosh Hashanah?

To keep it short and sweet the Jewish New Year.